You did it!

Because of you, we were able to raise $17,626, exceeding our original $10,000 goal.

This inspiring team will be able to join in upcoming competitions.

In addition more Aussie kids in need will now get a fair go. YOU have made this possible!

Thank you for being there for them when others can't.

100% of donations will be directed towards giving these 16 team members an opportunity to join in. Please help us exceed our goal. All additional funds raised will help more Aussie kids in need get a fair go.


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Meet Michael

A massive Titans fan, Michael loves football, swimming, wheelchair racing and 10-pin bowling. His teachers describe him as a hard-working and compassionate young man who inspires everyone he meets with his big smile and desire to give everything a go.

Meet Hawaiki

Hawaiki may be small in stature for his age and his conditions can impact on his stamina.  This does not stop Hawaiki from being an active team member and friend to his peers.

Nor does it stop him from giving 100% every time he participates in Athletics.

It's about more than just sport!

ALL 16 students are learning social skills and making friends. Their self-confidence and independence are increasing. And they’re learning about inclusion and teamwork.