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This Christmas, you can give Queensland kids the best gift of all!

Did you know that kids with disabilities often miss out? It’s devastating that they miss out on everyday opportunities that able-bodied kids take for granted, like sport.

This Christmas, you can stop Queensland kids with disabilities from missing out.

You can ensure more kids with disabilities can attend the Variety Kids Sports Camp in 2020. You can give them the opportunity to try various sports with the help of mentors, build resilience and make new friends.

With your gift, we can expand the Variety Kids Sports Camp in 2020 and give a total of 70 Queensland kids with disabilities the opportunity to join in – that’s 50 kids on the Gold Coast in April plus 20 kids at the first-ever Far North Queensland camp in June. 

​​​​​But we can’t do it without you! 

Please donate today to the Variety Kids Sports Camp so more kids can join in, and you’ll give the best gift of all. 

“Both Sophie and I got so much out of the Variety Kids Sports Camp. She had so much fun trying out all the different activities and I loved watching her work on her independence skills. The absolute best thing about camp, however, was the opportunity to meet other girls her age, and she definitely came away with some new friends.” – Jeanette (Sophie’s mum)

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